La Tanik's truck stage is 5x5 meters and can be set up anywhere you want, as long as the truck can get there. The stage can be set up in advance or the show can start when the truck arrives. It is part of the show, touring mobile and artist's wardrobe.

Can be booked with the show "Carmela" or as a variety show with different artists.

By arrangement, the stage can also be used by other acts.

Truck length: 8 meters long, 2.50 wide, 3.50 high

Stage: 5x5 meters

Truck with mounted platform: 13 meters long, 5 meters wide, 3.50 high

Weight: 8t

Sound: 2x150W

Power Supply: independen with solar energy 900W/350A

Assembly/ disassembly time: 15 minutes